Heating, Ventilation and Air-Condition (HVAC) systems need to be well maintained. They need to deliver air at the correct humidity and temperature and filter any indoor pollutants.

Thermal imaging can help to determine whether HVAC systems are operating properly. When working incorrectly they can cause poor indoor air quality

Air Conditions

Sp1. Temperature 56.3F                                          Δt1=(Sp2-Sp1)= 59.9 -56.3 = 3.6
Sp2. Temperature 59.9F             
Sp3. Temperature 49.6F                                          Δt2=(Sp4-Sp3)=65.0-49.6 =15.4
Sp4. Temperature 65F

The above air conditioning units were equally sized and running for the same amount of time. With an IR camera by simply measuring temperatures of liquid and gas lines, you can help identify how much cooling is taking place. Often a 14-22 delta-T is desired, anything less or more in some cases can indicate improper operation. Above you can see that the unit on the left has temperature difference of 3.6 degrees whereas the one on the right has a difference of 15.4. This finding was confirmed by the client that had complains of inadequate cooling. A proper change on your air conditioning unit at your    own convenience would help you save money from your electricity bill!.  

                               A properly operating system with even heat displacement                 An obvious problem

The upward discharge for both AC compressors is approximately the same, which is a good sign that they are working correctly.However the red (hotter)strip just above the middle of the coil on the right compressor could indicate a problem.


                             Check the operating temp of your hot water heater. Locate heat loses and verify correct installation


  • Under floor Heating
  • Quick problem identification
  • No need to rip up the entire floor
  • No contact with target needed
  • Pinpoint heating faults for fast rectification
  • Non invasive
  • Excellent tool for pre-purchase inspections
  • Find heating inconsistencies and air leakages in the flooring
Thermal image shows a leak coming from the floor heater under the tiles
Identifying locations to drill fixture mounting holes             Leak found in the under floor heating


 In the above pictures the leaks from the ducting systems are clearly visible
Problematic piping systems