Loose connections, corrosion and load in-ballance are resistive to the flow of electrons and cause connections/circuits to heat up. This rises the cost of bills, unnecessarily.




This imaging approach can be applied to all types of electronic equipment and can identify the following:

● Internal Circuit breaker faults

Overload Equipment

Overheated components

Loose connections

Over tightened connections

Cable faults

Phase Imbalances

● Faulty components

Testing is conducted under load

No contact with target needed

Can be used in all types of electrical distribution systems

Operate your electrical systems with the greatest possible security.
Faulty electrical connections or overload conditions in switching systems, electrical distribution boxes and electric drives can lead to costly production downtimes or even fire damage. The regular inspection of all electrical installations with a precise Flir thermal camera helps to minimize this risk of standstill. This allows anomalies to be identified reliably and effectively at a glance, and allows for the required measures to be taken.

Resistive load bank is shown with a bad cable connection.

Thermograph and photograph showing fuse lug connection on an UPS Module
Hot 20 amp breaker with 14 amp load  
Hot 30 amp breaker with 32 amp load