Thermal Imaging is a low cost, effective method of protecting your business’s assets and giving you peace of mind. It is an essential part of every commercial and industrial business’s preventive maintenance program.

Specialised and highly sensitive equipment is used by our engineers to identify equipment faults that are not visible to the naked eye. The thermal images are accurate to one tenth of a degree and will show if any components have abnormal behaviour such as insulation defects, mechanical equipment problems, moisture and leak detection, electrical faults and many others which are summarised in the applications section.

The benefits to your building or business may include:                                                                  house

  •   A planned approach to equipment maintenance
  •   Response to issues before they become critical
  •   Reduced downtime to equipment failure
  •   Reduced repair costs
  •   Reduced risk of electrical fire
  •   Protection of your assets
  •   Reduced insurance premiums


Why use thermal imaging services?

Energy inspections, are the inspections which aim to evaluate the building energy consumption. Furthermore energy inspections can determine the amount of energy consumed by heating and cooling devices together with the energy loss due to building materials. At the same time, by identifying the energy profile of a building, measures for reducing the energy consumption can be introduced.

The procedure should not be confused with the simple form of issuing energy inspection certificates, according to Cyprus Legislation. All these certificates are based on architectural drawings,insulation studies, electromechanical studies which have been preapered prior to the contstruction of the buildings/houses. What the energy inspection certificate provides you with is essentially "assumptions" and does not provide the owner any real data regarding the quality of the work and if everything has been done according to schedule.

L.E.T ‘s main focus is to proceed to detailed analysis of real measurements that affect the real energy consumption of your property and space’s quality characteristics in order to be as accurate as possible.



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